Collin van der Sluijs & Mr. Super A for URBAN NATION ONE WALL

It’s done! Thank you Collin van der Sluijs and Mr. Super A for this year’s first edition of our ONE WALL series up at the Art Park Tegel in Neheimer Straße 4.

The Sterling – the bird depicted in the artwork – is a symbol for migration and the fact that they perform these majestic clouds in the sky flying in perfect unity by adjusting to their neighbor represents the subject of community. Without a leader but as a community they form strong bonds amongst themselves to protect each other from predators and harm. We can always get inspired by Mother Nature!!

We are excited to share these images with you !! Stay tuned for more updates as CRYPTIK is heading over to Berlin to continue the One Walls series with a wonderful wall dedicated to positive vibes and that extra little bit of compassion and understanding…. More soon :))