Last weekend the Christopher Street Day took place in Berlin. Together with the Griessmuehle, URBAN NATION was also represented this year with its own truck at the colourful parade. It was a celebration of love, for more tolerance, respect and […]


The Spanish artist Cristian Blanxer enriched Berlin’s cityscape with a new ONE WALL – a large mural with equally enormous content. In his latest work for URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART, he takes a socially critical look at […]

Julien de Casabianca

Julien de Casabianca is a French-Corsican artist and filmmaker. For over 20 years, he has been a member of artist collectives such as 59 Rivoli and the Laboratoire de la Création, which he founded and is today supported by the City of Paris. The street as urban habitat plays a central role in all of his works.

Dima Rebus

The Russian artist Dima Rebus lives and works in Moscow (Russia), New York and Baltimore (US). His works, mainly produced in watercolors, float between reality and surrealism. In his paintings, he often deals with disturbing situations, combining them with provocative titles, and thus gets right to the heart of the times in which we live. Rebus studied graphic design at the Moscow Institute of Arts and Industry. He then studied at the Institute of Contemporary Art, also in Moscow. He combines his Russian roots and his flawless and detailed technique with a good helping of provocation to create his own distinctive vision of the world.

Gehard Demetz

With his impressive skills as a traditional carver, the Italian artist Gehard Demetz has gained international attention. His perfectionist sculptures, often depicting children, are both beautiful and disturbing. A hallmark of Demetz’s work – apart from his virtuoso skill with his favored material, wood – is the interplay of very rough surfaces and structures, which are then polished to a high gloss.


The Spanish artist Vermibus has been active as an adbuster for many years. Protesting against the beauty ideal proclaimed by advertising, perverted to perfection with Photoshop, which allows happiness only as a result of supposed beauty, he removes advertising posters, transforms the images in his studio using chemicals and then puts them back up in the same place again.

Artist in Residence Programme

Urban contemporary art scouts out its place in the city. But art also craves freedom, space to let ideas grow, where talent is honed, and style and technology experience encouragement. With the Artist in Residence Programme, brought to life by […]


The collage-like images of the graffiti artist ELLE are now her trademark. For URBAN NATION she created a unique ONE WALL in Wienerstraße 42. The mural with the title “We are many, but allways one” shows important women from different […]