Can birds actually see colours? This question came up during the workshop with the artist Polina Soloveichik. While designing special bird feed houses together with many interested children, it was not only about teaching different artistic techniques, but also about […]

Fresh A.I.R. #2 – Class of 2019

Over the past six months a total of 16 artists from seven nations have lived and worked directly under the roof of the URBAN NATION museum as part of Fresh A.I.R., the Artist in Residence scholarship program of URBAN NATION […]

PROJECT M/15 – “Sonoro”

On September 13th PROJECT M/15 celebrated its opening. This edition of the Project M/-series is a solo exhibition of the artist 2 Alas. It is entitled “Sonoro”, which means “sonorous” or “resounding” in Italian. And that’s exactly what visitors can […]

URBAN NATION Biennale 2019

In the middle of September, Bülowstraße turned into major attraction for fans of Urban Art: around 12,000 visitors came to see the 100-meter-long outdoor installation of the URBAN NATION Biennale 2019. The URBAN NATION museum, which was open at the […]


Last weekend the Christopher Street Day took place in Berlin. Together with the Griessmuehle, URBAN NATION was also represented this year with its own truck at the colourful parade. It was a celebration of love, for more tolerance, respect and […]


The Spanish artist Cristian Blanxer enriched Berlin’s cityscape with a new ONE WALL – a large mural with equally enormous content. In his latest work for URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART, he takes a socially critical look at […]


Thomas Bratzke aka ZASD (*1977), a Berlin-based actor of writing and metagraffiti, has been breaking down writing into its ingredients since the late 1990s and developing his artistic work from there. His plastic “3D Tags”, which have been implemented autonomously in the city since the beginning of the 2000s, as well as the project “City of Names”, which he initiated and realized with his then partner AKIM together with the Berlin collective “jazzstylecorner” in Gothenburg and Berlin, inspired the subsequent Berlin generation of writing.

Keez Duyves aka. PiPS:labs

Keez Duyves is PiPS:labs – master of the impossible, image wizard, media genius and natural-born inventor. He was born in 1971 in Alkmaar (Netherlands). Together with Thomas Bratzke aka ZASD he forms the artist duo “Hybrid Sculptors”.

Tina Ziegler

Since 2008, Tina Ziegler has been a torchbearer for the urban and contemporary art movement, having spent the last 12 years as a professional curator and project director, advocating and supporting the art movement she loves.  Originally from California, Ziegler relocated to Barcelona after producing her first urban art exhibition in 2003 in a warehouse loft in Seattle, Washington. Her eight years in Barcelona were spent undertaking a Bachelor’s degree from the private design institute IED for Marketing and Business, publishing her first book Hunt and Gather Art and working as a creative director and curator for clients from SWAB art fair, Atticus Gallery, Volkswagen and Powerslide, among others.

Nika Ham

Nika Ham (1991) is a graduated painter with an MA in painting that she completed at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She studied in Great Britain, was involved in various projects supported by the city of Ljubljana and was part of many group and solo exhibitions.

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UN-FOLD – About the vernissage of the new exhibition and the opening of the artist residences

After a two-week renovation phase, the URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART opened its doors on September 27th with a brand new exhibition curated by director Yasha Young. But not only that, also the worldwide unique Artist in Residence […]

Artist in Residence Programme

Urban contemporary art scouts out its place in the city. But art also craves freedom, space to let ideas grow, where talent is honed, and style and technology experience encouragement. With the Artist in Residence Programme, brought to life by […]


The collage-like images of the graffiti artist ELLE are now her trademark. For URBAN NATION she created a unique ONE WALL in Wienerstraße 42. The mural with the title “We are many, but allways one” shows important women from different […]