The history of Project M/

In the beginning still in the unfinished shell of the current museum, later in the production office of URBAN NATION, and always on the street as well, on facades, and display windows along Bülowstrasse, every PROJECT M/ was and is […]


Christmas is coming up and that is why Yasha Young, director of the URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART, invited Berliner kids to a christmassy gingerbread event where the delicious pastries have been creatively designed by all the children. […]


Barcelona based artist SAV45 is worldwide known for his impressive portraits, that fascinate their spectators. Sometimes realistic, sometimes in expressive colours, sometimes in smaller formats and also as murals on huge walls, SAV45’s works of art are more than just an eye-catcher. His stirring works are an expression of zeitgeist and transience – like his piece for the Community Wall Project of URBAN NATION in January 2019.

Mademoiselle Maurice

The high mountains of Savoy are not only known for their beauty but also for the fact that this was the birthplace of the amazingly talented artist, Marie Saudin, better known as Mademoiselle Maurice. This French artist creates colourful artworks with mixed media materials and they look more than appealing for the eye. Mademoiselle Maurice has collaborated with URBAN NATION by contributing her works on a One Wall project in 2017.

Berlin Kidz

Berlin Kidz are an admirable group of sprayers, train surfers, parkour runners and artists from Berlin-Kreuzberg. Their style is recognizable by the large-format vertical letter in a Brazilian Pichação style. This group is also famous for making guerrilla actions to send a message. Berlin Kidz have collaborated with URBAN NATION by contributing their works on a One Wall project in 2017.


Klaas seeks in his art the spirit of the night both literally and figuratively. Nighttime for Klaas is an adventure, where he encounters less common scenes of himself and of others. He shows his love of portraying people and objects/subjects from his own everyday and personal living environment, through a crossover between painting and aerosol on canvas.

Artist in Residence Programme

Urban contemporary art scouts out its place in the city. But art also craves freedom, space to let ideas grow, where talent is honed, and style and technology experience encouragement. With the Artist in Residence Programme, brought to life by […]


The collage-like images of the graffiti artist ELLE are now her trademark. For URBAN NATION she created a unique ONE WALL in Wienerstraße 42. The mural with the title “We are many, but allways one” shows important women from different […]