Fresh A.I.R. #2 – Class of 2019

Over the past six months a total of 16 artists from seven nations have lived and worked directly under the roof of the URBAN NATION museum as part of Fresh A.I.R., the Artist in Residence scholarship program of URBAN NATION […]

PROJECT M/15 – “Sonoro”

On September 13th PROJECT M/15 celebrated its opening. This edition of the Project M/-series is a solo exhibition of the artist 2 Alas. It is entitled “Sonoro”, which means “sonorous” or “resounding” in Italian. And that’s exactly what visitors can […]

URBAN NATION Biennale 2019

In the middle of September, Bülowstraße turned into major attraction for fans of Urban Art: around 12,000 visitors came to see the 100-meter-long outdoor installation of the URBAN NATION Biennale 2019. The URBAN NATION museum, which was open at the […]


Last weekend the Christopher Street Day took place in Berlin. Together with the Griessmuehle, URBAN NATION was also represented this year with its own truck at the colourful parade. It was a celebration of love, for more tolerance, respect and […]


The Spanish artist Cristian Blanxer enriched Berlin’s cityscape with a new ONE WALL – a large mural with equally enormous content. In his latest work for URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART, he takes a socially critical look at […]

Polina Soloveichik

Polina Soloveichik is an artist and muralist based in Berlin. She was born in Russia and studied illustration in Pratt Institute, New York. Her work can be seen on walls large and small across the globe.

Tania Cellini

Tania Cellini is a designer and a visual artist from Rome, Italy. After studying painting and sculpture at the art school, Tania graduated in fashion and costume design at Accademia di Costume e Moda, Rome. She recently presented her own capsule collection at Roma Fashion Week (Altaroma) and at London Gratuate Fashion Week 2019, where she’s been selected as the runner up of the International Catwalk. She is part of the 2019 URBAN NATION Artist in Residence Scholarship Program.

Alina Suarasan

Alina Suarasan is a Romanian photographer, art director & writer. She combines photography and words. Starting with doing portrait photographs for actors she developed a passion behind the lense to tell specific stories that are special and that she wants to share. She is part of the 2019 URBAN NATION Artist in Residence Scholarship Program.

Rafael Bresciani

Rafael Bresciani works with sounds. Its dynamics. Its aesthetics. Its mixtures. But what pushes him most in this relation with sound is its power to shape, transform, transpose the reality that surround us. Bresciani is from Brazil but now lives in Italy. He is part of the 2019 URBAN NATION Artist in Residence Scholarship Program.

Artist in Residence Programme

Urban contemporary art scouts out its place in the city. But art also craves freedom, space to let ideas grow, where talent is honed, and style and technology experience encouragement. With the Artist in Residence Programme, brought to life by […]


The collage-like images of the graffiti artist ELLE are now her trademark. For URBAN NATION she created a unique ONE WALL in Wienerstraße 42. The mural with the title “We are many, but allways one” shows important women from different […]