Maja Hürst

Maja Hürst is the artist behind the visual universe TIKA. In the late 90s she started to spray letters, which led to a search for a figurative form of expression and in 2003 she met the foundation of TIKA with her well-known big-nosed characters. Today Maja Hürst tells figurative to abstract stories with her visual language TIKA, searching for the essence of expression and emotion in the overlapping of colours and forms. In March 2020 she worked for the first time with the URBAN NATION Museum.

Emily Eldridge

Based in Hong Kong for more than 10 years, artist Emily Eldridge is originally from the United States. She now works as a full-time artist and lives in Berlin. Her creative work spans a variety of media – from murals to street art, editorial illustration, graphic design, and more. Inspired by fashion, pop culture, and daily life, Emily aims to create eye-catching and visually bold imagery with an element of humor and wit.


Thomas Bratzke aka ZASD (*1977), a Berlin-based actor of writing and metagraffiti, has been breaking down writing into its ingredients since the late 1990s and developing his artistic work from there. His plastic “3D Tags”, which have been implemented autonomously in the city since the beginning of the 2000s, as well as the project “City of Names”, which he initiated and realized with his then partner AKIM together with the Berlin collective “jazzstylecorner” in Gothenburg and Berlin, inspired the subsequent Berlin generation of writing.

Keez Duyves aka. PiPS:labs

Keez Duyves is PiPS:labs – master of the impossible, image wizard, media genius and natural-born inventor. He was born in 1971 in Alkmaar (Netherlands). Together with Thomas Bratzke aka ZASD he forms the artist duo “Hybrid Sculptors”.