The scholarships are aimed at artists who come from the Urban and New Contemporary Art. The artist in residence scholarships will be awarded for 6 months from October 2019 to April 2020. Up to 13 scholarship holders are invited to Berlin for a 6-month working stay. The scholarships amount to 1,900 euros per month and per person.

The Deadline for the second class in 2019 was end of July 2019.


The scholarships promote international exchange within the field of urban and new contem-porary art

The URBAN NATION Museum for Urban Contemporary Art, a Berliner Leben foundation project which opened in 2017, is expanding its role as a museum that promotes international exchange within the field of urban and new contemporary art, thanks to the artist in residence scholarships. A total of 13 fellows will be invited to work in Berlin for a period of 6 months.

The Artist in Residence scholarships offer artists and creatives from the field of urban and contemporary art the time, space and resources to dedicate themselves to an artistic project based on the foundation’s funding priorities. Those awarded with scholarships will be given the opportunity to receive new impulses during their stay and to further their artistic development within Berlin’s cultural scene, while also gathering important experience for their future careers.

A new living environment, coupled with the contact and interaction with other artists, provides ideal conditions for developing one’s own creativity and kickstarting new artistic creative processes.


Check out the main highlights of the Artist in Residence scholarships at a glance.


The artist in residence scholarships will be awarded for 6 months from October 2019 to March 2020. The value of the scholarship amounts to a total of 1,900 euros per person, per month. This amount is broken down, as follows:

  • Rent-free living (including electricity and Wi-Fi) to the sum of around 1,000 euros per month for the duration of the stay.
  • Cost of living subsidy to the sum of 500 euros per month for the duration of stay.
  • Materials subsidy to the sum of 300 euros per month for the duration of stay.
  • Travel subsidy (fares within Berlin and surrounding areas) to the sum of 100 euros per month for the duration of stay.
  • Taking over the second home tax

For questions about the scholarship, please write an email to

Funding Priorities

Thanks to the Artist in Residence scholarships, the Berliner Leben foundation creates conditions for artistic project development through its URBAN NATION project. Funding will be provided for project ideas that are expressed through artistic means, and those which fulfil at least two of the following three funding priorities:

Location specificity

  • Projects that reflect the tension between locality and urbanity,
  • Projects with a local reference,
  • Projects that work inclusively within the residential area.

Social commitment

  • Projects that position themselves socially,
  • Participative projects with residents and/or visitors,
  • Projects aligned to the foundation’s goals of supporting social diversity and equal opportunity, or which make a strong stand against discrimination (e.g. sexism, racism and antisemitism).


  • Projects that stand out for their artistic autonomy, that try out new forms of artistic expression, or develop independent artistic forms,
  • Projects that artistically visualise cultural, historical or time-specific phenomena,
  • Projects that deal artistically with the present and future of urban society.

→ The funding guidelines (pdf 1.4 MB)


With Artist in Residence scholarships, the Berliner Leben foundation supports:

  • artists from EU member states residing outside of Berlin,
  • artists from the field of urban and new contemporary art, and
  • artists seeking cross-genre exchanges with art forms of urban contemporary art.

General Requirements

  • The project must clearly be a current and unpublished project be recognizable and meet the quality standards of the house.
  • There is a residence requirement.
  • Grant applications and grants from third institutions must be communicated.
  • Each scholarship holder commits to concept and implement a workshop.
  • Each scholarship holder undertakes to attend events of funding partners and the museum (for example, readings, panel discussion, talk, etc.).
  • Each fellow agrees to attend a final presentation,
  • There is a willingness for cultural and artistic exchange with the Foundation and the Berlin area,
  • Further conditions and exclusion criteria can be found in the funding guidelines (download-link of the document here)



Selection is made by a rotating jury. The decision of the jury is final and may not be challenged. There is no legal claim to the awarding of a scholarship. Applicants will be notified of the decisions, but not the reasoning.

For questions about the jury or the scholarships, please write an email to


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