Your Support

Since 2013 URBAN NATION is an initiative of the non-profit foundation Berliner Leben, which was founded by Gewobag AG. The centerpiece is the URBAN NATION Museum at Bülowstraße 7 in Berlin-Schöneberg. The museum shows changing exhibitions, workshops, performances, discussions and guided tours that also include the public space in the district.

The aim of the initiative is to promote creative exchange between artists and Berliners, as well as to support integration and participation through cultural education offers.

Entry to the museum and participation in temporary events is free of charge for all visitors. We are therefore grateful for any form of support! If you would like to financially support the museum, future projects and events, we would be very happy to receive a small donation.

Donation in the museum

You have the opportunity to support us with a donation directly in the museum. Next to the entrance is our donation pillar – simply select the amount, hold your credit card against the pillar and you have already supported us with your contribution for future work. A big thank you from the whole team !!!