Digital accessibility statement

Public body/scope

Urban Nation

We endeavour to make our website accessible. The digital accessibility statement is required by the Berlin Accessible Information and Communication Technology Act (BIKTG Bln). The technical requirements for accessibility are found in the current BITV (Accessible Information Technology Regulation).

This digital accessibility statement applies to the website www.urban-

When was the accessibility statement created/updated?

This statement was created/revised on 12 August 2021.

A review of the digital accessibility was carried out by the public body.

How accessible is the offer?

This website/application is only partially accessible. The requirements of the current BITV are only partially fulfilled.

Which areas are not accessible according to the current BITV?

The areas listed below are not accessible for the following reasons:

Main navigation

Main navigation is not operable via keyboard or screen reader.

Carousel gallery

The carousel cannot be stopped, improvement of semantics and alternative texts.


Alternative texts partly missing or incorrect in terms of content.

HTML – Semantics

No sufficient semantics, order of content.

Map display

The map material is not fully usable for screen readers and keyboard operability.

Artist database

Limited use of form filters via keyboard and visual feedback.

Event calendar

Limited use of form filters via keyboard and visual feedback.


The affected areas are being appropriately revised and/or accessible alternatives are being developed.


Main navigation barriers will be eliminated by the end of September 2021. The implementation dates eliminating all other barriers are currently being planned. Once plans have been finalised, this statement will be updated accordingly.

Who can you contact with regard to comments or questions about digital accessibility (feedback option)?

Public body contact:

Ms Stefanie Chlosta

Assistant to the Head of Organisation and HR (Gewobag AG)


Telephone:      +49 (0) 30 4708-1202

State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility contact

If you are unable to contact the public body, you can contact the State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility.

Link to the contact formFurther information on the State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility