London Police for Urban Nation One Wall Project

We’re very proud and happy to present another fascinating artwork for a another ONE WALL which will be created by the London Police.

Don’t miss the chance to pass by and admire this impressive artwork!

The London Police are a collaborative team of artists who choose to make strong, positive artworks with bold colours and simple yet iconic characters. By blending all of it together the artists aim offer the viewer a snapshot of what in their creative mind and concept is actually an ongoing story.


“Its easy to brainwash people with modern advertising and enticing imagery but we are selling nothing. Our job as artists as we see it is to entertain and inspire. We want to persuade and seduce you to smile or simply react in any way no matter what the emotion. We are always trying to provide a visual base a gateway from where the observer is invited to use their own imagination without being told what to think.

Our messages are at first glance simple but indeed purposely conceptualized to leave space for the individual viewer to complete the work in their own imaginative way.

Our mural in Berlin will focus on the subject of teamwork. In a world currently blighted with many difficult social issues we hope the subject of working together will be an inspiration to everyone. We like to inspire people to help carry each other so that ultimately we all move forward in the right direction.”

The London Police

“Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.

(Vesta M. Kelly)