Tape Art Stars in the Community Center: URBAN NATION Transforms the Bülowstrasse Neighborhood

  • by Stefan Fellechner

The URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART is turning the neighborhood around Bülowstrasse in Berlin-Schöneberg into an art mecca: not just the museum itself, but also numerous house facades feature works by famous artists. Now, two icons of the tape art scene from the URBAN NATION network are redecorating the foyer of the community center Huzur in Bülowstrasse 94: From 23 to 27 October, the artists Ostap and Felix Rodewaldt are working together with local residents on the latest urban art attraction in the Bülowstrasse neighborhood.

On 16 September 2017, the URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART opened its doors. The Initiative URBAN NATION, along with stars of the local and international
urban art scene, has been creating iconic new works in the German capital since 2013. Many of them can now be admired in the museum itself and nearby Bülowstrasse in Berlin-Schöneberg,
bringing new impulses and positive energy to the socially disadvantaged neighborhood. The latest URBAN NATION project focuses on the foyer of the community center Huzur in Bülowstrasse 94: Slava „Ostap“ Oisinki and Felix Rodewaldt, two of the best-known tape artists at the moment, are redecorating the entrance area to the neighborhood club from 23 to 27 October (scheduled completion) – in cooperation with local residents. The aim is to turn the foyer, which is currently dull and depressing, into a new attraction in Bülowstrasse by enhancing it with artistic works.

Urban Contemporary Art for the Community Center

Especially for more senior residents of the building, the art project represents a major improvement to the local surroundings. The redecoration is a joint project by URBAN NATION and Gewobag, which runs the senior citizens’ residence. As part of the foundation Berliner Leben, social projects like this are an important aspect of URBAN NATION’s work. “We want to make art more accessible to local residents and make their surroundings more pleasant, more interesting and more colorful”, says Yasha Young, executive director of URBAN NATION. The
residents were consulted about the redecoration of Huzur. In accordance with their wishes, the entrance area will be brighter and more welcoming. Some of the locals will even be a part of the
art itself: the Berlin-based artist Slava “Ostap” Oisinki plans to install portraits of some of the residents in the form of tape art compositions, illuminated from behind, on the windows of the
building. It is this kind of portraiture using tape that makes Ostap’s works unique. “I often get involved in social projects like this – I want to give something back, too”, says Slava Oisinki.
Felix Rodewaldt from Munich, on the other hand, intends to go to work on the walls of the foyer: He wants to sand down the stained wood and restore its natural color. He has chosen to create
large semi-circles, whose round shape will break up the corners and edges of the original architecture.

About the Artists

The Ukrainian Slava “Ostap” Oisinki moved to Berlin in 1995. He has been an active member of Berlin’s urban art scene since 2013 and has established himself with works that address political, social and religious issues, among others. His wit, irony and unique technique have brought him international renown. The Munich-based Felix Rodewaldt always kept a close eye on the graffiti scene. During his studies at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste (Academy of Visual Arts), he paid special attention to designing rooms and spaces. Using various techniques, such as tape art or milling, he always places his artworks in dialogue with the surrounding architecture. They both redefine places and bring movement to rooms through geometric shapes.
Both Ostap and Felix Rodewaldt have quickly made a name for themselves on the international urban art scene with their unique and unmistakable styles and their works are in great demand
all over the world.

Connect. Create. Care. – Art in Dialogue with the Neighborhood

“We want to promote dialogue with the city and residents. After all, that is where urban art comes from”, explains Yasha Young, who has initiated numerous workshops and community
projects in conjunction with URBAN NATION. The URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART is devoted, in addition to exhibiting and archiving urban art, especially
to the creation of art in the city. With this and other projects, the initiative URBAN NATION intends to continue its involvement in artistic neighborhood work, The community center Huzur has been offering support and advice to people aged 50 and above since 2005 in day-to-day, ocial and legal matters. It also offers various leisure activities and serves as a meeting place.


Media representatives are cordially invited to accompany the artistic endeavors a in the foyer:

23 to 27 October 2017 (scheduled completion)
Huzur Nachbarschaftstreffpunkt
Bülowstrasse 94, 10783 Berlin

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