• by Team Urban Nation

Laurence Vallières is an artist born in Québec in 1986, who primarily uses cardboard boxes for the creation of her art work. From the 21th of march until the 26th of march she will create one of her lifesize sculptures live in the URBAN NATION museum. So, drop by and see yourself, how pieces of cardboard become an art work.

We meet her a few days ago and get some insides about herself, her artwork and sources of inspiration.

Originally from / now living in?

I am from Québec city and I live in Montreal

Favourite material and why?

I have so many it’s hard to tell. Clay, cardboard, plastic, metal, cement… I like everything as long as it allows me to build in three dimensions

Favourite own work?

A little bear made of the interior of a sofa by Craig Haberny

Favourite work from another artist?

I love Anish Kapoor and it’s big bean he built in chicago

Biggest inspiration?

Anthony Gormley

One wish for free what would you wish for?

I would wish for the peace in the world! No just kidding, I wish to have a dog.

If you could switch into an animal from time to time which one would you choose?

I think I would want to be a mantis shrimp. Those things are glorious because they have 14 cones of colors in their eyes, that means they see colors we don’t even know exist. Plus they kill a lot of things, I’m curious…

Pop, Punk or Electro?


Legal vs illegal?

Oh Legal, I’am a good girl.

Outside or inside?

I wish I would spend more time outside…

What is the reason for your participation @ Urban Nation?

I begged Yasha. For real, ever since I read about the project I wanted to participate, it seemed legit, genuine and all my friends are there. I want to be with the cool kids too!

What is the story behind your work for Urban Nation?

I will be making a bear. It is one of my go to animal and since I will be in Berlin, I thought it would be appropriate. I will use some cardboard that other artists drew on and that I collected among my many trips so it will be a nice collective piece.