The british street artist Skeleton Cardboard came for a few days from London to Berlin. He created for URBAN NATION some art work close to the museum @ Bülowstraße and prettified the office of our director Yasha Young. We asked him a few question about his past, his work and his inspiration.

Originally from / now living in?

East London

You in the past, present & future?

I studied graphic design, but it was boring, because you have to be correct all the time and I prefer to be spontaneous and flexible. Than I got fascinated by the mexicans celebrating the death.

Favourite material & why?

Cardboard (it´s free)

Favourite own work?

“Your´e not my mom” roadsign. It´s a screen print and will coming soon.

Pop, Punk or Electro?

With a bit of Hip Hop + Techno thrown in for good measure (+ a bit of jazz)

Legal vs illegal?

Bit of both

Outside or inside?

Inside in winter.

Outside in summer.

*I´am getting old!!!

What is the reason for your participation @ URBAN NATION?

Yasha (director of URBAN NATION) stunbled upon some of my scribbles on a building in Shoreditch, then got in touch via IG + Here I am

What is the story behind your work for URBAN NATION?

Just a Freestyle

No plan

No idea

No sketch

Check out some of the street art that Skeleton Cardboard did for URBAN NATION in Berlin.

photos by Nika Kramer