At the 21st of march our director Yasha Young was one of  the speakers @ The Art on the Streets Symposium in London.

She talked about the focuses on the core idea, values and development of one decade of building an international museum or institution from the ground up. Not only in regards to the content creation but also the design of the building and the inclusion of the creative community and a city all in one fluid and natural flow. This also includes the development of ground breaking architecture as well as the curation of exhibitions and of city walls, as well as the strategies needed to successfully fundraise , the diplomacy applied to mediate and negotiate between the traditional art world and the next gen and the cultural development and scientific research needed along the way while remaining true to core values and final goals.

To have an idea is one thing to implement, finalize, guard and keep the focus and spirit alive with over 250 people involved with different needs, opinions and agendas for over 4 years of construction in a world that’s focused on fast lived and enhanced digital experiences something very different.

The conclusion of Director Yasha Young after the day at the AOTS : "It was a great time, with incredibly exciting topics and interesting people. Thanks to the organizers! "