In the studio with … Super A

Dutch artist Super A never falls short of baffling the spectator with his highy metaphoric scenarios rendered in a supreme (hyper)realist style. Often his works resemble a Pandora’s box giving rise to an endlessly detailed flood of visual references

How he came up with the idea for the motif for the façade and what else inspires him, that you can read on this page:

Originally from / now living in?

Born and Raised in Goes, The Netherlands

Super A in the past / present / future?

In 1994 i got infected by graffiti. For years that was the only thing on my mind and a good way to express myself.

After a while i started exploring other forms and my interest for art grew.

For me graffiti and street art or urban contemporary art are two totally different things and i really want to keep these things separated. I didn’t want to use my graffiti alias for my personal work but i wanted to get away with things i can’t in normal life. That was the moment Super A was born. A anti super hero with a butt as a face. The first years i used this character to protest and rebel against….

After a while the character disappeared but the mindset remained. Telling my side of the story through a sculpture, painting or mural. Inspired by the movement of mankind.

Favourite material and why?

Depending on the technic,


On canvas i love to fuck around with all types of materials and technics for a quick base and use oil paint for going into details.


For a mural i love using a spray gun because of the possibilities, the speed, fat or thin lines and great for gradients. And i’m not limited in my color use like when using spray paint.

Favourite artist or work from another artist?

Oeffff, That’s a hard one, because it changes constantly, it’s the same as walking through a museum and one day a particular piece grabs me while i could pass it unnoticed the other day. It’s the same with music i think. depending on my mood. The most important for me is having a small group of artists/friends around me to hang out and work with.

Biggest inspiration?

The world and the behavior of mankind. Seeing, hearing and reading things that amaze me and trigger me to visualize it by using contradictions and metaphors

One wish for free – what would you wish for?

Except for all the clichés i’m pretty happy so let’s keep it this way :)

Pop, Punk or Electro?

Definitely Punk! I must say that i listen to quite a big variety of music accept all that fake pop!

Legal vs illegal?

Depening on the subject or context. Rules are interesting to play with and avoid or bend. I would say a combination is fine

Inside or outside?

In my work i love the balance between both. I love working outside and dealing with all the elements but after a while i miss working in my studio where nobody bothers me and i can do whatever whenever i want to.

What is the reason for your participation @ URBAN NATION?

Yasha invited David Mesguich and me to collaborate on a piece for the facade of the museum, the idea was to create a combination of 3D and painting.

After everything was approved by the city i understood one person from the city council didn’t want to give permission. for the sculptural part.

So i had to change everything last-minute.

What is the story behind your work for URBAN NATION?

I wanted to use the objection by the city as a inspiration for the new design. Next to that Berlin is a city with a history when it comes to oppression and rebellion caused by the system.

The base for the wall is “Lady Justice” holding a scale, being surrounded by birds that represent the citizens who are dealing with the system.

Lady justice has no pupils, is blind and represents a “objective” system

The raven represent the corruption and abuse of power infiltrated in the system. The robin vs raven being weight.

The colorful birds are trapped in the head of lady justice, the sword of lady justice breaks, a branch comes out, the system lost.

No Justice, Just Us.

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