URBAN NATION Director Yasha Young @ Summer Festival Tempelhof Airport

More than 25,000 Berliners visited the summer festival at Tempelhof Airport on 1 September and took advantage of the numerous offers at the former central airport. In addition to various workshops, guided tours of the building and eclectic epicurean highlights, there was lively discussion on potential uses of the site on the political stage.

Director Yasha Young spoke with Christoph Backes (Center of Competence for Cultural & Creative Industries of the Federation and member of the Tempelhof Project GmbH Advisory Council) Eva de Klerk (NSDM Art City Amsterdam and member of the Tempelhof Project GmbH Advisory Board) Michael Schindhelm (author, filmmaker and cultural consultant) and Dr. Torsten Wöhlert (State Secretary for Culture) about the former airport as a place for art, culture, creativity and experimentation.

The one-hour podium discussion was followed with great interest by the visitors and shows how important the airport is as a creative place for the city of Berlin.