The Prettiest Gingerbread Cookies in the City: Berlin kids create fantastic gingerbread cookies with the URBAN NATION team

  • by Nancy Henze
  • Yasha Young, Director of the URBAN NATION Museum, is inviting 100 Berlin kids to the gingerbread Christmas cookies event.
  • All of the children will create their own personal gingerbread cookie. The next generation of decorators are given creative ideas for making the imaginative goodies from the URBAN NATION team and artist-friends.
  • This hands-on activity is free of charge. Registration for the last available spaces must be made at anmeldung@yes­
  • At the same time, street artists CUKE and Klaas Van der Linden will bring the Christmas spirit to the street by creating murals on various façades.

“For centuries, gingerbread has symbolised the variety and spice of life and teaches us that many different ingredients can bring about something wonderful. With the Berlin kids, we’re going to create the most imaginative gingerbread cookies in the city,“ says Yasha Young, Artistic Director of the URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART. On December 18 from 4 to 7 p.m., the Museum will gather children from Berlin institutions in Bülowstraße 97, Berlin-Schöneberg, and tell the stories of giving and sharing. With Christmas goodies, music and kiddie punch, they will creatively decorate the gingerbread together with Yasha Yount, artists and the Museum team and get to know the ingredients. The sweet works of art are then hung on a big Christmas tree. Of course, every little pastry chef can also take one of their master works home with them.

Aside from the URBAN NATION gingerbread event, the street artists CUKE and Klaas Van der Linden will spread the Christmas spirit around Bülowstraße 97 and create a Community Wall before the eyes of passers-by.

About CUKE
Mike Friedrich alias CUKE One is a Berlin-born illustrator, art director and tattoo artist. In the early 1990s he started with graffiti. Since graduating in 1999, he has been working as an illustrator/designer. For the next 15 years he was involved in a number of projects around well-known brands. In 2009, he became the art director of a German TV group. In 2013, Friedrich decided to start doing tattoos. Since then, he has focussed on tattoos, but also continues to work in the areas of illustration, design, urban art and graffiti.

About Klaas Van der Linden
Figuratively, Klaas is looking for the spirit of the night in his art. He portrays people and motives from everyday life and alternates between painting and spraying canvasses. Here his canvas paintings often serve as the design for his giant colourful murals. He has also exhibited his work abroad on several occasions, among these at solo exhibitions in Germany and Copenhagen. In addition, he has created murals in public places at home and abroad such as in London, Holland, France and other places.


URBAN NATION presents:
The Gingerbread Christmas Cookies Special
When:     Tuesday, December 18, 2018 from 4 to 7 p.m.
Where: URBAN NATION Production Office, Bülowstraße 97, 10783 Berlin

Important for all interested kids: Only those who have registered at can participate. There are only a few places still available.
If you are interested in conducting interviews on site with Museum Director Yasha Young and / or the artists, please register at Photographic material is available free of charge at Follow URBAN NATION on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.