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  • by BLITZ EN

Fresh A.I.R. is the artist in residence scholarship program of the Stiftung Berliner Leben and a cooperation partner of the URBAN NATION Museum.

The Fresh A.I.R. scholarships offer artists and cultural professionals in the field of Urban and New Contemporary Art the time, the space and the resources to devote themselves to an artistic project. During their stay, the scholarship holders have the opportunity to gain new impetus, to develop their art and to gain important experience for their future careers. Up to 13 scholarship holders will be invited to Berlin for up to 12 months for each class.

The 8th year of @stiftungberlinerleben’s Fresh A.I.R. scholarship is running under the title »LINGUISTIC XPEDITION«. It refers to the⁠ traditions of the artistic-literary avant-garde that dealt experimentally with language, such as Italian⁠ Futurism or multinational Dadaism.
In this year, the act of speech as a constitutive element of human perception and communication will be the focus of attention.In addition, the scriptural form of language will be regarded as well as and potential forms of development of written language are to be worked out experimentally.

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