Graffiti Writing with Akte One

  • by Geneviève Debien

For the Kultursommerfestival Draußenstadt uand as part of the program Stadtraum!Plus, the URBAN NATION Museum offered a workshop with Akte One for the Theodor-Heuss-Library in Schöneberg at the end of August. In the open workshop at the Mittelpunktbibliothek Schöneberg, children of the attending families learned the basics of graffiti writing with the unmissable artist from the scene.

The plan was to create a large canvas on the forecourt of the library – but the rain didn’t allow it! Nevertheless the young artists were not deterred. While it was storming outside, the colors and colorful letters were swirling in the library’s workshop room.

Each child was able to design their own small canvas and individual ideas were implemented with graffiti pens. They learned here to be careful and precise, because after all, on the canvas the possibilities for subsequent changes are limited.

The parents in particular were amazed at how it is possible to create so many different things with just a few selected materials. This is exactly where Akte One sees art which exactly takes place where design begins, regardless of the means used.

The children’s finished graffiti letterings are now on display with a small selection of media on the topic of graffiti on the 1st floor of the library for visitors to enjoy!

Thanks to everyone involved and our team on site for making the workshop a success, and to Akte One for switching to the small screen format due to the indoor relocation.