Inside Out Photobooth Project

September 17th – 18th 2022

11:00 am 5:00 pm, Zietenstr. 12 / Bülowstr. 7, 10783 Berlin
Photobooth Truck
in front of the URBAN NATION Museum

12:00 noon7:00 pm, Mehringdamm 812, 10961 Berlin
LIVE-PASTING join-in action

To show the diversity of the city, we invite people who live in Berlin, work or just visit the city to have their portrait taken for a special project: The Berlin Team of the Inside Out Project will be in front of the UN Museum from September 17th/18th from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. Participants will be photographed inside the Inside Out Truck. The resulting portraits are used to create black-and-white posters in the familiar look.

At the same time, the printed posters of the photo action will be put on the wall in a live-pasting join-in action at Mehringdamm 8 – 12 from 12:00 noon7:00 pm.

Thus, in the end, a large mural of diversity is created and gives the neighbourhood an authentic face. We hereby invite all of you to participate so that a beautiful mural can be created.

The first part of this project FACES OF COMMUNITY is already displayed in the exhibition “TALKING… & OTHER BANANA SKINS”.

FACES OF COMMUNITY / photo: Nika Kramer

About the Inside Out Project

The project was initiated by the French street art artist “JR“. The Inside Out Project gives a face to communities and people all over the world and helps them to stand up for what they believe in and what they stand for. The project provides impetus to initiate global change locally. Large-format black-and-white portraits of members of a community of members of a community, a neighborhood, etc. are hung in public places. Together, they create a public work of art. In the last ten years more than 400,000 people in 138 countries have participated in the Inside Out Project. The project has reached all continents and more than 2,000 actions have been carried out. The actions have revolved around a range of themes: diversity, community, feminism, racism, climate change, education, children’s rights and art are just some of them. The action focusses on the community, which is why the artist “JR” will not be on site. It’s about the message behind the posters, not the artist.