Spray your own graffiti!

  • by Geneviève Debien

The KinderKulturMonat at URBAN NATION

When October rolls around, KinderKulturMonat comes to an end. On each of the weekends in October, there were free cultural offerings for children aged 4 to 12. All of the offerings were interactive, so that the children were not just spectators, but actively creative themselves. Theaters, youth art schools, museums, film archives or literary venues: These are all places where children could become active on exciting topics – and visit them again after October, often proud to show their families something they don’t know. 270 events at 107 cultural venues were scheduled.

The workshop “Spray your own graffiti!” at URBAN NATION was quickly booked up. After all, the city and the children’s surroundings are full of graffiti and street art. In order to teach them a few techniques, they were invited to stencil and spray. They could draw their own desired motif freehand or with a stencil. Then the stencils were cut out and prepared for spraying. With spray cans, they could finally decorate their wooden base or tota bags and to their great joy but also that of the parents, take their work home!