Creative Berlin and the URBAN NATION

  • by Anne Schmedding

In episode 11 of Radio Fritz’s podcast Kiez & Schnauze about the “creative stronghold of Berlin”, the board of the Stiftung Berliner Leben, Hans-Michael Brey, talks to the artist Gita Kurdpoor and André Kraft from the Komische Oper. It’s about participation and equal opportunities, about the projects of Stiftung Berliner Leben and the role that URBAN NATION plays in them. Have fun listening:

Urban Nation Museum celebrates the Opening of the new exhibition “TALKING… & OTHER BANANA SKINS [DIE TÜCKEN DER KOMMUNIKATION]” with art fest „UNartig“ in Berlin, Schöneberg, June 17-19, 2022. photo by Nika Kramer @urbannation_berlin