A discussion with the artists Sebastian Wandl, Honey & Philip Wallisfurth

31.03.2023, 18:00 until 20:00
Admission 17:30

Bülowstr. 7
10783 Berlin

Climate change is one of the central challenges of our time. Not only are social and economic consequences already being felt, but new questions are also being raised for art and culture. In his book “Street Art for the Planet” (Street Art in Zeiten der Klimakrise), author Xavier Tapies collects 50 statements by graffiti artists from all over the world. In view of the increasingly urgent topic, the protest actions of various climate groups, the COP 27 and the European Climate Goals 2030, we take the publication of the book as an opportunity to take a closer look at the role of graffiti and street art in the climate crisis. The current exhibition at the URBAN NATION Museum, “Talking… & other banana skins”, already addresses the topic in several works. It is as much about the treatment of content as it is about the use of and experimentation with sustainable materials.

Philip Wallisfurth is an artist who has been active in Germany and worldwide since 2007. He works with a variety of materials and techniques, including paste-ups, graffiti, sculpture and painting. His style is a mix of graffiti and street art techniques as well as graphic elements of contemporary art. He makes a point of allowing the viewer to become part of his artworks and interact with them. In addition to his artistic work, he organises and curates projects such as the Paste-Up Festival Germany and was, for example, part of the “Ride the Dragon” exhibition in Shanghai in autumn 2019 with an anamorphic spatial installation.

Sebastian Wandl aka WANDAL developed an interest in colours, shapes and creativity at an early age. His youth was shaped by skateboarding and hip-hop culture. Fascinated by graffiti, Wandal began his career as an artist with a spray can. After studying art in Munich, he concentrated on painting and illustration. His works are created with great attention to detail and bear witness to his long involvement with the medium of drawing.


Berlin-based graffiti artist Honey has always been a creative mind and has been drawing and crafting since childhood. Influenced by hip-hop culture from a young age, it wasn’t until 2018 that she picked up a spray can. Known for her interesting colour schemes, bold styles and eye-catching concepts, Honey brings joy and a little more diversity to the graffiti scene. Her work is exceptionally clean and her steep learning curve has made her one of the few internationally known female style writers.

The discussion will be in german. A registration is not required.