Graffiti-Bombing with Stencils

  • by Oluwaremi Dasho-Stierand

KinderKulturMonat is here again, offering children and families a journey of discovery into the exciting world of art in Berlin. Every year in October, museums, art and music schools, theatres, galleries, dance schools and many more in all districts of Berlin open their doors to paint, discover, dance and make music.

The programme offers something exciting for everyone between the ages of 4 and 12. Here is the link to the complete KinderKulturMonat programme.

At our stencil workshop with Imed Art, children can create their own characters, signs and patterns from a pool of symbols, letters and shapes as well as spray paintings.


Bülowstraße 96, 10783 Berlin

Date:    Saturday, 7 October 2023

Time:   10:00 – 12:00

Age:     10-12 years (the event is for children only)

To register for the workshop, please click on the link.