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Biography / St. Monci

Monci’s current body of work explores the most fundamental elements of art and design, in color and form, and how these elements relate to each other and the viewers.
His compositions are of subjects such as perception and matter, creating autonomous structures born of color and form that are constructed into dynamic and sometimes explosive matrices of architectural and graphic elements. These structures are uncanny and meant to inform the language and nuance of color, whose purpose is to create a visceral reaction to the otherwise static elements of flat shapes. Alluding to principles of perspective is key, giving stoic forms of rectangles and lines filled with opaque washes of color and graphic pattern, a feeling of objectivity and motion through space and time. These futuristic constructions hinge on their own gravita­tional pull with a nexus of motion while hovering in solidarity.

St.Mond was born in the U.S. and raised in Puerto Rico where he lived through his teenage years. He went on to study at New York State University at Oswego where he received his BFA and MA. He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in New York State, Oregon, New Jersey, California, Washington DC and Canada along with being a participating artist in the Sweet Meat Co. Collective and Wall/Therapy.

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Dear UN supporters and art lovers !! What a great week ahead in April!! It’s early – I know – but one cannot mark one’s calendar soon enough in this busy world when something amazing is happening – like the