The Museum is open again!

Dear visitors,

first things first: The museum is open again for you!

Due to the ongoing situation, a visit to the museum is initially only possible to a limited extent. Therefore there may be waiting times in front of the museum. We ask for your understanding!

Please read the following notes carefully and pay attention to them for the benefit of all when you plan to visit the museum.

The entire URBAN NATION team is looking forward to your visit and wishes you a pleasant stay in the museum!

Access Restriction

Is there an access restriction for visitors?

Yes. In order to fully comply with the distance requirement, a maximum of 20 visitors are allowed to stay in the museum at the same time. The number of visitors is carefully counted by the staff on site.

Opening hours

Is the museum open during the regular opening hours?

Unfortunately no. We will start with shortened opening times:

Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Mouth-nose protection

Do I have to wear mouth-nose protection?


Does the staff wear mouth-nose protection?

Yes, of course!

I don’t have my own mouth-nose protection. Can I still visit the museum?

No, we have to deny your visit at our museum, if you are not wearing a mask. Everyone’s health comes first.

But we have a small contingent of disposable masks in stock and would be happy to provide them for a fee of € 2.00.

Hygienic Measures

What about hygienic precautionary measures in the museum?

Before and after visiting the museum, visitors have the opportunity to use the disinfectant provided free of charge at the entrance of the museum.

In addition, door handles and other frequently used items in the museum are regularly and carefully disinfected.

Group Visits

I would like to come with my entire family / a big group!?

As long as you all live in the same household, you are welcome to come over as a larger group.

Please understand that we do not guarantee that everyone of the group can enter the museum at the same time. Groups cannot be registered in advance.