Thursday 14.09.2023 – 07.04.2024

URBAN NATION presents the latest solo exhibition by artist RABI in the Project M/ series,
Project M/20_generati0n+escape_//_thoughts_and_c0ntradicti0ns_//_seas0n_01:02_BERLIN, curated by Michelle Houston.

The inaugural exhibition will be presented at the new URBAN NATION Museum Satellite Gallery, in Neukölln, during Berlin Art Week.

PM/20_gen+esc features a series of short art films, installations, print editions, and ceramic sculptures that capture subjects whilst they share their most intimate spaces and thoughts. As they discuss themes of identity, belonging, process, and coping with global change, commonalities of escapism and contradiction arise among them all—highlighting our society’s obsession with self-image and the ironically ubiquitous bid for individuality.

In a digital age sculpted by super-curated experiences of false reality, are we a generation fated to chase freedom through escape? Can we accept the pervasive and persistent contradictions of the human experience?

EXHIBITION: PROJECT M/20_generati0n+escape_ _thoughts_and_c0ntradicti0ns_//_seas0n_01:02_BERLIN

CURATED BY: Michelle Houston

URBAN NATION Museum Satellite Gallery
Sonnenallee 126, 12059 Berlin

OPENING: September 13, 2023, 7–22 pm
EXHIBITION DATES: September 14, 2023 – April 7, 2024
Thursday/Friday, 1–6 pm
Saturday, 1–8 pm
Sunday, 1–6 pm
Closed: 24–27 December 2023 | 30 December 2023– 1 January 2024