URBAN NATION looks back on an exciting history. A lot has happened since it started in 2013 and that is exactly what the exhibition, which opened on September 27, 2018, is all about. Under the title “UN-derstand the power of art as a social architect”, visitors can now experience the evolution up close in the second exhibition of the still young museum. Interactive, the exhibition traces the genesis of an art movement that is one of the most successful of the present: Urban Art!

URBAN NATION turns its back on the White Cube and presents the new exhibition in a black box. Just as artists of urban art often work in the dark and covert, the exhibition architecture presents its contents via targeted points of light in the black room. In the new exhibition, visitors can expect more than 100 works of art from renowned artists from the collection of the URBAN NATION Museum. Among other things, Adele, DFACE, Herakut, James Bullough, The London Police, Mimi S, Shepard Fairey, Borondo and many more. A timeline along the gallery on the first floor also explains the history of the museum, from the vision specified in 2013 to the opening of the second exhibition in 2018.

The exhibition is interactive, traditional viewing habits are being questioned. When you walk through a film tunnel, the flood of images and sound illustrates the complexity of all URBAN NATION projects and shows the multifaceted nature of the artist’s positions and the technical techniques.

Curator: Yasha Young