“UNique. UNited. UNstoppable. ”- this was the motto for the opening of the URBAN NATION Museum’s opening in September 2017. 145 artists and 11 curators from more than 28 countries largely created 190 works of art especially for the opening exhibition.

UNIQUE – because this exhibition opened a museum that stands for a unique idea: the idea of a global movement that is recapturing the city. An international network of urban art. A place of encounter between established artists, undiscovered talents and people who have so far had little contact with artistic forms of expression such as graffiti, street art and urban art. Because with the help of the curation and studio work of the artists, URBAN NATION creates a stage and current techniques for a voice and diverse techniques: modern realists, abstraction, nature, portrait artists, figurative painting and pop art , the activists and the conceptual artist.

UNITED – because this exhibition, in URBAN NATION, is the lifeblood of so many. In the works and in their selection. The curators have put together a global quintessence with great commitment. Visions and impulses of urban art identified. The opening exhibition juxtaposes works and positions that cannot be experienced in public space or in a conventional museum. “UNited” because together we managed to give this art form a home – the museum. With a concept that art doesn’t want to lock up, but to inspire.

UNSTOPPABLE – because the museum not only becomes a platform for this art, but also creates a connection between the interior and the exterior. Because there is no end where the borders blur. Because this exhibition is just the beginning – a curated snapshot of the movement that is growing daily with new talents, experts and works.

Curators: Andrew Hosner, Charlotte Dutoit, Steven P. Harrington & Jaime Rojo, Rome Levy, Jonathan Levine, Marina Bortoluzzi & Marcelo Pimentel, Roland Henry, Dean Stockton, Yasha Young