In The Studio With Ernest Zacharevic

Ernest Zacharevic

On the road these days! Born and raised in Lithuania but generally based in Penang Malaysia

Then – Now – Next:
I’ve done art for as long as I can remember, my parents enrolled me in a national arts school in Vilnius where I was taught a strict classical art education. Afterwards there was an art degree in London and all the influences from the East London. 5 years later I decided to change my environment which then resulted in a long term residency in South East Asia. Now, paint travel learn. Next Copy and paste

Why stencil:
Why not. I try not to limit myself by skill, technique or style. I approach each artwork
individually then work to achieve the result I’m looking for

Dream project:
Every dream project has past, I only hope that I keep having them and working hard to achieve them. So my dream project… is the one I’m currently working on

Pretty chaotic and random, the process is never what I expect. I explore different mediums and ideas to arrive at end point, figuring and learning as I go. I love the challenge.

Pop or Punk:

Legal vs illegal:
The mission is to pull off illegal and make them think its legal, confusing the authorities to push the boundaries. The general public think the illegal is legal, except for a few arguments I’ve never gotten into serious trouble. It brings about discussion and action which I love; on a few occasions graffiti writers have ‘vandalised’ works and then the council has removed it. What’s interesting is the council then reach to ask me to ‘repair’ it…again calling to question the legal parameters of what we do.

Outside or inside:

Photo credits:
Ronaldas Buozis
Tan Wei Ming
Ernest Zacharevic