Welcome to Miami:
 URBAN NATION at this year’s “Juxtapoz Clubhouse”

Done and Done 2017th Juxtapoz Clubhouse collaboration and the UN Dinner are now over but UNforgetable. We had four amazing exhibition days with a lot of great artists, inspiring talks, new and old friends and massive amounts inspiration and way too little sleep. We take all of these memories and and a bag of Miami sun with us back to Berlin where innerfields new wall is waiting for us !! Our work is never done!

Check out our review gallery below with the artworks exclusively made for the Juxtapoz Clubhouse 2017 of Mimi Scholz, Nuno Viegas, Mateus Bailon and INSANE 51.

PS : Don’t forget to buy the new Juxtapoz Magazin! The UN had an amazing feature in it from beginning to the opening night and plans beyond! :-)


URBAN NATION artists at Juxtapoz Clubhouse 2017:


The street artist from Athens, known for his photorealist works, has specialized in “overlay murals” in recent years. This technique involves two murals painted on top of each other. 3D glasses bring the resulting work to life.


Mateus Bailon

The Brazilian’s work addresses the relationship between nature and humankind, to which he takes a critical and increasingly dramatic approach. His pictorial worlds transport his own phantasmagorical universes into the urban space.


Mimi S

The Berlin-based Mimi S has been painting since she was a child. She studied animation and worked as an illustrator. In the year 2000, Mimi S began coloring illustrations by digital means: First, she creates drawings, to which she then adds colors using a complex digital process. Her works offer sarcastic comment on female clichés.


Nuno Viegas

Nuno Viegas was born in the Portuguese city of Faro. His artistic career began with graffiti painting. He studied the visual arts at the Universidade do Algarve, Faro. Hip-hop subculture has always been at the center of his artistic work and his most important source of inspiration.