The easter bunny comes a little bit earlier this year. Instead of long ears and hiding eggs, he has very long hair and hid some of his installations for URBAN NATION in the neighbourhood of our museum @ Bülowstraße Berlin. We meet Pappas Pärlor, one of the most famous street artist from Sweden, and ask him a few questions about his work, his inspiration and hobbies.

Originally from / now living in?


You in the past, present & future?

Originally I studied Art, but most of the time I swapped school to go skating. After I got my degree I opened a video game store, a skate shop and got my kids. Because of them I started to work in Arts again, I started beading with my kids in an attempt to break old gender roles. So thanks to my kids I do what I do.

Favourite material & why?

Obviously beads. I tried cross stitching but it is too time consuming.

Favourite own work?

To be honest – not really! I prefer small projects, minimalistic stuff, where I only use maximum 90 Beads and I am finished in two minutes (he shows us on his Instagram Account “The Simpsons”)

Favourite work from another artist?

Do not want to mention anyone, because I am afraid to forget someone important. But I can tell, that there are many people and artists that I really like.

Biggest inspiration?

The name of one of my kids is Zelda – obviously videogames! But also movies from the eighties, stuff that Trump is doing and political events. Generally, I enjoy to do stuff that is up to date.

One wish for free – what would you wish for?

Cool, one left! Equality for my kids, for the generation that comes after me.

If you could be a favourite (video) game character – which one would you choose?

Samus Aran from Metroid – she was the first female video game character I can remember and her appearance was a real surprise. Because when I finished the game the first time and the character on the screen took off the helmet, I was really really surprised about the fact that the hero is a woman. Awesome!

Mario or Bowser?
I would prefer Luigi. From my point of view he is brighter than his brother. Also, I like the brother issue.

Pop, Punk or Electro?


Legal vs illegal?

Back home in Sweden I definitely go legal. I have around 500 installations in my hometown. My hometown is an area with some setbacks in the past and I convinced the people that my art is legal and they see it as something good. Even the CEO of a big factory gave me the keys to an area of his company, where I am free to work and can do my installations.

Outside or inside?

I am from Sweden, so I depend on the seasons. But I love to work outside in summertimes and at daytime, when my kids are in school. I tried to work outside in the winter, but after I was close to loose my fingers by preparing a cookie monster installation, I now stay inside at winter, cook for my family, play video games or try to enlarge my HEMAN-Collection (right now he owns 50 Figures).

What is the reason for your participation @ URBAN NATION?

I get in contact with Yasha (Director of URBAN NATION) a few mounth ago and I really like the place and the project. Also I can reach a lot of people with my work and therefore I am very glad to be here and participate.

What is the story behind your work for Urban Nation?

I try to do four or five, maybe six installations in my time here in Berlin .There is no real story behind them. As I mentioned before, I got inspired by video games and actual political events, so keep your eyes open.

Check out some of the installations that Pappas Pärlor did for URBAN NATION in Berlin.

photos by Nika Kramer