Skeleton Cardboard for URBAN NATION Community Wall Project

Skeleton Cardboard is a London based street artist who started his street art on cardboards he found on the streets of London. After a trip to Mexico City Skeleton Cardboard was struck by the joyous, colourful celebrations of the skull as a symbol of life not death, especially during Dias De Los Muertos, The Day of The Dead festival. On his return to London Skeleton Cardboard started to paint skeletons on pieces of scrap cardboard, leaving them on the street for people to find often to their bemusement and from this small seed Skeleton Cardboard evolved.

In march hey stayed for a few days in Berlin and painted some walls on Bülowstraße for the URBAN NATION community wall project with his famous skeletons.

For more information check the interview with Skeleton Cardboard

photos by Nika Kramer