New Look – Deep Message: Street Artist SUper A restyled the facade of the Museum

Dutch artist Super A never falls short of baffling the spectator with his highy metaphoric scenarios rendered in a supreme (hyper)realist style. Often his works resemble a Pandora’s box giving rise to an endlessly detailed flood of visual references.

His latest work for URBAN NATION is a creative hattrick! First: it is a world premiere, because he designed the facade of the museum for the first time. Second: it is a real eyecatcher. Third: it has a real deep message!

“No Justice, Just Us”, spreads over the corner and across several floors of the building tower. Super A shows in his surreal subject the Roman goddess of justice, Justitia, in combination with red-cheeks and ravens, which extend the meaning of the scenario by another metaphorical level.

Justitia does not come here as an unapproachable divine being, but as a brittle hollow body, as a kind of machine being: her face, her body and her limbs are fragile, dissolve and allow a look behind the scenes. Justitia seems to be relieved of her function: Robins (Robin Redbreast) courageously explore the ancient essence and her insignia of power, test the ability to manipulate the scales and in their photorealistic appearance contrast with the surreal figure.

Does Super A question the judiciary, its decisions and structures at an universal level? Or does he ask the viewer also to investigate state institutions? His world view here seems positive: the standard sword for the “hardness” is indeed fragile, young sprouts grow from it and we stand for hope. The artist leaves the interpretation to the viewer.

photos by Nika Kramer

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