Live at the URBAN NATION Museum, Part 2: XXL spray paint can now a permanent exhibition item

  • by Team Urban Nation

British artist Fanakapan created a spray paint can sculpture live in front of visitors, and it is now a permanent part of the museum’s exhibition.

In addition to the the current exhibition “UNique. UNited. UNstoppable.”, visitors to the URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART, which opened in September 2017 under the direction of Yasha Young, can regularly view the creation process of artworks. And so, the artist Fanakapan started the second round of the series „Live@The Museum” at the end of May.

Canadian artist Laurence Vallières provided the prelude back in March with the two Bears, made from cardboard. Fanakapan has worked a whole week in the museum, using his entire body to create a unique sculpture that represents an homage to his favourite work tool as well as his creative roots – an oversized spray paint can: a symbol for the graffiti and street art genre. The sculpture was formed into the desired shape using hot wire and nail brushes, then sealed with a layer of aluminium and worked like copperplate. Helium balloons with smiley face motifs are attached to the spray nozzle, a reference to the acid house scene that emerged at the end of the 80’s. Viewers are invited to discover smaller details, like the barcode on the base of the spray can, featuring the artist’s name. The work of art is now a permanent part of the regular exhibit and can be viewed on location.

The wall designed by Fanakapan at Bülowstraße 97. Photo: Nika Kramer/URBAN NATION (reprint free of charge).

Fanakapan at work. Creating the sculpture requires the use of his entire body. Behind him are Laurence Vallières cardboard sculptures. Photo: Nika Kramer/URBAN NATION (reprint free of charge).


Shortly after Fanakapan completed his work of art in the museum, he also took the opportunity to paint one of his “Balloon Graffiti” pieces at Bülowstraße 97, in Berlin-Schöneberg. Now a second work of art from the artist can be found directly beside the URBAN NATION Production Office. As his motif, he selected the likeness of video game character “Sonic the Hedgehog”, which adorns a helium balloon.

About Fanakapan
British artist Fanakapan is mainly known for his 3D creations that look like helium balloons. He orchestrates them skilfully with a successful interplay of light and shadow to challenge the spacial perception of the observer. His paintings are characterised by a technically sophisticated free-hand style. He makes sculptures that are strongly inspired by his paintings and that he can place in space sculpturally using a combination of different materials.

Picture materials

The photos of finished pieces available on can be used free of charge (registration required).


URBAN NATION is an international institution for artists and projects, which has been showcasing a new approach in Berlin’s cultural scene since September 16, 2017, as a museum. URBAN NATION has brought a fresh approach to the classic definition of what a museum is – its work also is not limited to the museum’s walls. Pieces in public spaces are also part of the curation. Interactive workshops and new pedagogical formats influence tomorrow’s city life. The focus is on fostering young artists from the Urban Contemporary Art scene. With their motto “Connect. Create. Care.”, URBAN NATION has been inviting local and international artists as well as curators to Berlin since 2013, to design urban spaces. This promotes an inspiring exchange of ideas between renowned and emerging Creatives. The URBAN NATION MUSEUM is a place for communication, convergence, and it is also an archive. URBAN NATION is anchored in the Berliner Leben non-profit foundation.


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