Public screening of the award-winning documentary “Happyland”

  • by Stefan Fellechner

Premiere @ URBAN NATION in Berlin! Free screenings of the „Happyland“ documentary showing at Urban Art Week on the 6 & 7 September at 06:00 pm.

About the documentary:

Barangay 105 is one of Metro Manila’s slum communities, otherwise known as Happyland (from the local word ‘hapilan’ for dumpsite), has developed around one of Manila’s dumpsites, and the majority of residents make their living from the garbage that is delivered daily. Many residences are constructed on shifting, compacted garbage and set among former warehouses..

In 2016, cheeseagle brought together an international project team with familiar and new faces, and reunited with the communities in Baseco and Happyland (read about the past Phoenix project here).

About the film:

The film shows the installation of thirty five large art tarpaulins or ‘art tarps’ which featured Kaff-eine’s portraits of local residents. The art tarps were either used to create or improve shelter, or sold and traded for food and other necessities. The installation process was professionally photographed and captured on film.

The free screenings starting at 06:00 pm at the 6&7 September.

For more details please check the official website of the project.

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