URBAN NATION museum in new splendour – All about the fascinating facade by artist duo Snik

  • by BLITZ EN

Not only in the rooms of URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART the new exhibition, curated by director Yasha Young, offers a sensation, also from the outside the house shows a new impressive art work. The new facade was designed by the artist duo Snik in collaboration with Hera, one part of the duo Herakut, and deals with the topic of environmental protection.

URBAN NATION museum Berlin facade

Probably no other facade is as changeable and shapes the urban cityscape as the facade of the URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART. The Stamford-based artist duo Snik are not only represented with an impressive work in the new exhibition “UN-DERSTAND The Power of Art as a Social Architect”, but also contributed one of the largest new artworks for URBAN NATION with the newly designed facade. With a total of 400 meters of hand-cut stencils, the English artist duo has taken over the facade of the museum house and surpassed themselves in doing so.

An homage to Mother Nature

Snik specialize in handmade stencil art and are among the most progressive artists of their kind. Despite digital technology, Snik remain true to the origins of their craft with complex, multi-layered and hand-cut stencils. Their focus on the ordinary elevates the subtle aspects to hint a deeper meaning. Snik’s purpose is to tell stories of the everyday and the beauty that is found here. For over a decade, the duo has been working across the globe, honing their skills to become one of the most advanced artists of their kind. And now again with URBAN NATION.

URBAN NATION museum Berlin facade

They describe their latest facade work as an homage to Mother Nature, but also as a warning signal and call that the current environmental pollution, exploitation of resources and destruction of habitats is no longer acceptable. In the spirit of URBAN NATION’s “Connect” approach, Snik spontaneously brought Hera from the artist duo Herakut on board to design the new facade together. Hera immortalized this quotation from “The Lorax” by the American children’s book author and cartoonist Dr. Seuss with her striking graffiti handwriting:

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Snik are also part of the current “Artist in Residence Programme” of URBAN NATION. Here you can listen to what Nik from Snik says about the residence programme: