New One Wall from Mr.June – The Third Dimension

News from Bülowstraße – The Dutch artist Mr.June designed the facade of the building Bülowstraße 101, directly opposite the museum, just in time for the opening of the new exhibition in the URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART. His latest 3D artwork stands for further development and the future.

For a long time, the facade of Bülowstraße 101, directly opposite the museum, has provided a view of the infinite depths of a galaxy. Just in time for the opening of the new exhibition “UN-DERSTAND The Power of Art as a Social Architect” curated by Yasha Young, Dutch artist Mr. June created an additional dimension. His 3D artwork shows the change in the art world brought about by digitalisation and thus also provides a peek into the future of URBAN NATION. An insight that hints at the new challenges ahead for URBAN NATION.

Mr.June – The Third Dimension

David Louf alias Mr.June started with graffiti in 1985. Heavily influenced by oldskool hip-hop and breakdance he soon fell in love with the concept of graphic design. Over the last years, Mr.June has found his way to combine his love for typography, splashing colors and the addition of extra dimensions into his own recognizable style. His graffiti roots have evolved into a blend of abstract shapes and forms that can be found on walls, canvas and a multitude of other surfaces. Passionately searching for the perfect form, he continues to make illusions by playing with lines, directions and color shades. Harmonizing graffiti, graphic design and abstract art.

“My work is based on the dynamics between me and the specific site. As a result I present the viewer an alternative experience of the environment, which has been optically manipulated by form, colors and perspectives. I believe that street art can provide a positive impact to a social fabric and transform communities.” (Mr.June)

Mr.June prefers not to sketch for a mural. He always respond to the wall and the surroundings in order to create a unique cohesion with the environment, the painting and the “viewer”. This gives him the ultimate creative freedom to ultimately enjoy the process.

His new ONE WALL for URBAN NATION can be seen on the facade of the building at Bülowstraße 101.

photos by Nika Kramer

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