The Barcelona-based artist SAV45 accepted the invitation of curator Yasha Young and visited the URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART last week. But not only that: he literally brought the radiant colours of Catalonia with him. His very special and colourful greeting now adorns the wall of the Production Office at Bülowstrasse 97.

With this new Community Wall, a true explosion of colour is now spreading through the winterly grey of Berlin-Schöneberg. SAV45 is worldwide known for his impressive portraits, that fascinate their spectators. Sometimes realistic, sometimes in expressive colours, sometimes in smaller formats and also as murals on huge walls, SAV45’s works of art are more than just an eye-catcher. His stirring works are an expression of zeitgeist and transience – like his latest work for the Community Wall Project of URBAN NATION.

photos by Nika Kramer

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