Community Wall by Nafir

  • by Stefan Fellechner

Nafir was in town and gifted us with some new art works that can be found along Bülowstraße! As a fan of Martha Cooper he of course didn’t miss the opportunity to give the photographer, who was in Berlin at the same time, a very special present.

The Iranian-born artist uses traditional motifs from his homeland to infuse them into his paintings. For his stencils, for example, he draws on the floral patterns of classic Persian carpets, which are often found in the clothing of the women he is depicting. On the other hand, the painter also works directly with these carpets. He finds the discarded pieces, often damaged and worn, on the carpet market of Tehran. By repurposing them, the artist gives them a second life as works of art. The blemishes are thereby transformed into integral parts of the art, proving that flaws always contain beauty as well.

Bülowstraße, Berlin-Schöneberg⁠

Photos: BerlinArtCore

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