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The new One Wall of the URBAN NATION Museum: SatOne designs a façade at the Blasewitzer Ring in Spandau

A new One Wall by graffiti artist SatOne – in cooperation with the URBAN NATION Museum – now adorns the façade of the building at Blasewitzer Ring 7 in Berlin-Spandau. The narrow vertical format framed by the façades creates an exciting contrast between stringent architecture and the expressive, organic forms of the image. The centrepiece of the artwork is a source of light, similar to a fireplace, where people can symbolically gather and come together. It expresses solidarity and community and brings new colour and light into the neighbourhood. SatOne painted the 30 x 9-metre-high façade in just 10 days.

A recurring theme of the artist’s abstract works is the dialogue between the object and the environment. The strict verticals of the balconies are interpreted in the artwork as overlapping planes and arranged in a dynamic pictorial composition on the surface.

About SatOne

SatOne, was born Rafael Gerlach in Venezuela. He moved to Munich at the age of two and started writing graffiti in 1991. He uses spray and acrylic paints to create geometric murals on canvases and buildings. These forms lie stylistically between clarity and futurism. He mixes classic graffiti writing methods with a science-based approach. SatOne previously collaborated with URBAN NATION in 2016 as part of Project M/11.


The One Wall project by SatOne is another artwork commissioned by the URBAN NATION Museum in public a space which comments on developments in the neighbourhoods and is intended to urge the viewer to take time out for reflection. The face of the city is being transformed through urban art. Thus, each URBAN NATION One Wall presents a design approach in which the artists engage with the environment to create an individual site-specific work.

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