Fresh A.I.R. #7 Scholarship Exhibition “Picturing Democracy”

Where: UN Production Office (Bülowstraße 97)

Opening Hours:
TUE-WED: 11:00am – 6:00pm
THU-SUN: 1:00pm – 8:00pm

Mondays closed

Duration: September 17th 2022 – March 31st 2023

On Friday, September 16th, the Fresh A.I.R. scholarship exhibition “Picturing Democracy” opens at 7pm at the UN Project Space in Bülowstraße 97 and in the artist residences. Here the eleven participants of the Fresh A.I.R. scholarship show their work results.

Dr. Hans-Michael Brey, Chairman of the Board of the Stiftung Berliner Leben, and Janine Arndt, Artistic Director of the Fresh A.I.R. program, will welcome you to the opening.

Participating artists

Denise Ackerl (AUT), Anna Barnaföldi (HUN), Eleni Danesi (GRC), Răzvan Dumitru (ROU), Samuel Henne (DEU), Oscar Lebeck (DEU), Karin Lindstén (SWE), Johnny Pavlatos (GRC), Sonia Sagan (SWE), Elektra Stampoulou (GRC), Ilona Stutz (CHF)

Elektra Stampoulou / photo: Victoria Tomaschko


Art – essentially democratic itself, since it can be freely interpreted – needs democracy in ordert o thrive. Under the title “Picturing Democracy” the participating artists approach the topic through various paths and forms of expression. Through photography, film, dance / choreography, sounds, drawings and even by using scents. Is the sense of smell related to prevailing discourses? Is it possible to attribute a smell to an ideology or a form of government? If so, what would democracy or politics smell like? The artist Elektra Stampoulou from Greece has investigated just that.

Oscar Lebeck’s project “Freilegung” (“uncovering”) is dedicated to the Falkensee subcamp, where mostly resistance fighters and prisoners of war from France, Norway, Poland and the Soviet Union were housed. Anna Barnaföldi deals with contemporary civic engagement. She wants to show the differences between Western, Central and Eastern European ideologies of democracy.

Oscar Lebeck (Freilegung) / photo: Victoria Tomaschko
Anna Barnaföldi / photo: Victoria Tomaschko

About the Fresh A.I.R. Scholarship

Fresh A.I.R. is an artist in residence scholarship program in Berlin, which offers artists and cultural professionals in the field of Urban and New Contemporary Art the time, the space and the resources to devote themselves to an artistic project within the framework of a given thematic complex.

Since April 2022, the eleven artists from seven countries have been living and working in the direct vicinity of the URBAN NATION in artist residences in Berlin. During their stay, the scholarship holders have the opportunity to gain new impetus, to develop their art and to gain important experience for their future careers. 

*additionally you can catch a glimpse into some of the artist’s studios:


Opening Hours:

SAT and SUN 1:00pm – 6:00pm
only on the weekends of

September 17th/18th, 24th/25th and October 1st/2nd 2022