Community Wall by Hundertzehn

  • by Anne Schmedding

For the facade of a daycare center on the first floor of Bülowstraße 55, the artist Hundertzehn has designed a COMMUNITY WALL with the kind support of Gewobag.

Together with users and owners, Hundertzehn developed a motif that clarifies the use of the first floor. Only facade paint was used. The work is the result of various techniques: Using stencils, roller and brush, Hundertzehn creates a colorful design of the small-scale surfaces that form a large overall work. Typical for the artist are the vertical elements, which appear abstract when viewed up close and represent clear figures when viewed from a distance.

About Hundertzehn

Hundertzehn’s works are mostly figurative representations with a strong reference to urban space – the artist’s original working environment. Intense colors run in the background and form the basis of his artworks.

He is a self-taught artist. In the early 2010s, he came very much in contact with the street art scene through his training at the Local Graffiti Store. Here he learned firsthand everything about colors, shapes and their possible combinations and began to make his first stencils.

photos: Sebastian Kläbsch / Kerstin Küppers / Samuel Walter

Involved Persons