Community Wall by El Bocho

  • by Anne Schmedding

El Bocho is a welcome guest on Bülowstraße. His paste-up blends into the street’s fabric as naturally as is customary for the artist’s works. With wit and melancholy, the artist from Frankfurt has been working in Berlin for a long time, decorating the city’s streets with illustrative motifs that tell their own story. Thus, he beautifies the city with his images and creates a freely accessible gallery in the public street space.

The sophisticated illustrations on brown wrapping paper are created in the artist’s studio and are meticulously prepared for posting, to be incorporated into the urban landscape at selected locations to fit perfectly. Often provided with messages to the viewer, which are incorporated into the image as in mangas, they stimulate thought, amuse us, or convey the mood of the character in the motif.

El Bocho

Communication and references to urban life are the main components of his work. El Bocho considers himself as an observed observer. It is important to him to work outside the art scene, as this reaches an audience that does not visit art specific locations like galleries or museums. El Bocho picks up the reactions of the viewers and uses them in his works. This creates a constant flow of communication with the public.

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