• by Geneviève Debien

“For as long as I can remember, creative work has been at the center of what I do. By means of visual art I can communicate and express what cannot be put into words,” writes Timo Waldner of wandART.

Timo Waldner / Photo: Sebastian Kläbsch

With the new community wall “Cage Fight” at Bülowstraße 95, the artist follows up on the exhibition TALKING… & OTHER BANANA SKINS and hereby addresses a social issue, which he describes as follows:

“The cockfight as a reflection of a patriarchal society – a story about ill will, ambition and brutality. A story about power and loss. A story about masculinity. The cornerstone of a self-destructive society. Our society. You and me. Today.”


Timo Waldner was born in 1996 in Basel where he grew up and went to school. In 2014 he graduated the Fachmatura in the fields of art and design. He then attended the School of Design in Basel where he completed the preliminary course in 2015. In the same year he founded together with Joel Bubeck the studio wandART as a personal life project.

Timo has been drawing passionately since his early childhood. In the course of his childhood and youth, he continued to pursue art as a mean of expression and experimented with many different methods and styles. These experiences form the background of his today’s work. In puberty, Timo started drawing with spray cans as well. Since then, the clacking of the can at the train tracks has shaped him more than anything else and can be felt throughout many of his works.

Timos’ style is characterized by a great artistic diversity and ranges from classical acrylic painting to sculptural works.