Multimedia-Guide in the exhibition TALKING… & OTHER BANANA SKINS

  • by Geneviève Debien

Our audio guide through the exhibition TALKING… & OTHER BANANA SKINS continues to evolve as a multi media guide with bonus material! It is much more than just an introduction to the different chapters and artworks!

It was supplemented with videos around the exhibited works, comments on the exhibition by curator Michelle Houston, and a selection of additional images that make it clear: Most of these artists are also active on the street!

TALKING… & OTHER BANANA SKINS | Various & Gould | Simon Menner | Photo: Nika Kramer
TALKING… & OTHER BANANA SKINS | JR | Disnovation | Spy | Photo: Nika Kramer

The audio guide can be purchased for €3.00 (group ticket: €30.00/group) at the ticket office in the museum and can be played on your own smartphone via QR code. Have fun!!

Yoann Bourgeois at the opening of the exhibition “TALKING… & OTHER BANANA SKINS, June 2022 | Photo: Nika Kramer