The URBAN NATION Museum presents a programme that goes beyond the current group exhibition ”Loneliness and Other False Friends”. In this programme some of Berlin’s most renowned artists, namely: Caro Pepe, Devita, Honey Beebs, Lake and Mate created a series of murals, the C-Walls, that address the exhibition theme in and around Bülowstraße.

Berlin based graffiti artist Honey Beebs has always been a creative mind, drawing and crafting ever since she was a child. Influenced by the Hip Hop culture from an early age, she just pretty recently picked up the spray can in 2018. Known for her interesting color schemes, bold styles and eye catching concepts Honey brings joy and a bit more diversity to the graffiti scene. Her pieces are exceptionally clean and her steep learning curve made her one of only a few internationally known female style writers.

According to Honey Beebs, the challenge she faced with her C-Wall was the format, which is rather unusual for her art. But it was precisely this unusual, divided working surface that gave her the idea of using the various small squares to depict the diversity of graffiti to some extent. Tags, throw-ups, bubble letters, semi-wildstyle and even character. And on top of that, the “tools of the trade” like cape and paint roller. A small “graffiti construction kit”, if so desired.