The URBAN NATION MUSEUM presents a programme that goes beyond the current group exhibition ”Loneliness and Other False Friends‘. In this programme some of Berlin’s most renowned artists, namely: Caro Pepe, Devita, Honey Beebs, Lake and Mate created a series of murals, the C-Walls, that address the exhibition theme in and around Bülowstraße.

Matteo De Martin Pinter was born in a little town near Milan and currently lives in Berlin. Since 2008 he has been spray painting murals in Italy, Europe, Kosovo, Brasil and other countries. He graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, and definitely his studies’ path influenced the gradual transition from graffiti to street art, mainly to figurative realism. He prefers to define his work as a continuous work in progress, as so many media he likes to experiment with on both murals and studio artworks. Above all, he likes to deal with social issues.

Through street art, all his artworks are accessible to everyone, he can talk to people, tell stories on the subject he is painting. He has exhibited in several solo and group collections, enjoying great success. Since 2010 he has been actively working in urban, private and institutional contexts but he also loves to be a regular feature in graffiti and street art festivals all over the World.

Mate’s artwork is located at Bülowstraße 97 and is entitled “Overthinking“. It is a work designed to represent the relationship with ourselves, our subconcious and the world of dreams. When we are alone we are able to truly be ourselves, it is easier to be able to have moments of reflection and clarify our heads, understand which is the true direction to follow, without external influences, sometimes of people with specific interests.