ONE WALL by Kera

  • by Constanze von Marlin

Berlin street artist Christian Hinz aka “Kera” realized a new ONE WALL for Gewobag in October 2023. At Holtheimer Weg 25/27 in Berlin-Lichterfelde, a six- and seven-story building has been extensively renovated over the past three years. Characteristic of the architecture, which dates from 1964, is the access to the apartments via arcades. Visually, the yellow parapet cladding stands out, to which Kera responds with both its color palette and its geometrically abstract formal language.

For two walls of the exterior stairwells, he designed dynamically jagged forms that span a total of 260 square meters. In the case of the left wall, he combines a clear diagonal movement with an image within an image, which interrupts the flow of the lines and brings a spatial depth to the motive. The mural on the right, on the other hand, is more structured by horizontal pictorial elements. If you look closely, you can recognize echoes of the architecture, the course of the street, and outlines from nature such as trees in the abstract, sharply delineated forms.

Both murals are executed in different shades of yellow and orange. About the choice of color, the artist said: “Yellow awakens the spirits. … It is the color of light and creativity. It has a high energy of enthusiasm, hope, fun and cheerfulness. Orange is full of life and has a positive mood. The color is warm, peppy, symbolizes cheerfulness, optimism and open-mindedness. … It is an energetic color, reminiscent of health and vitality.”


The ONE WALL is like a colorful and dynamic reflection of its surroundings. Kera sees the residents, buildings and nature as an ever-changing, living portrait of the place, for which he has found a coherent and harmonious artistic expression. We hope that it will inspire passers-by to draw their own thoughts and image ideas from it, to discover new elements again and again, and to generate vitality and energy in the changing seasons.

Location: Holtheimer Weg 25-27, Berlin-Lichterfelde
Production: Kera with YES, AND… productions
Photos: Luis Limberg

Involved Persons