Connect. Create. Care – Green light for a Museum with international impact

Since 2013 the initiative URBAN NATION has been inviting international luminaries and aspiring talents of Urban Contemporary Art (UCA) to Berlin to show their works within the urban fabric of Berlin: building façades, house walls and shop windows.

The URBAN NATION MUSEUM manifesto “Connect. Create. Care” created the foundation for URBAN NATION as an international network which connects artists through exhibitions, panels and social projects, acting as a creative force in Berlin and promoting public critical engagement and exchange with URBAN ART as a key art form of the 21st century.

URBAN NATION is incorporated within the public foundation Berliner Leben, becoming so a non-profit organisation dedicated to creating possibilities and space which should function as a meeting point and hub for urban contemporary artists. UN is more than just a gallery or project room: an entire centre along the lines of this art form for artists, their exhibitions, debate, research, teaching, cross-media work and archives will be built also containing a unique collection as the core piece of the museum. The collection is already growing steadily, not least by contributions and donations by outstanding artists which have been participating in the URBAN NATION Project M/ series over the last years.

A unique international institution is on the horizon: URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART. The inauguration of the museum will be in summer 2017.

A building in Berlin’s Schöneberg district is currently being converted into an outstanding museum exhibition space, with support from LOTTO-Stiftung Berlin. Once opened, the museum will be a magnet for artists, art aficionados, the people of Berlin and tourists. It will provide space for development, research, workshops and educational programmes for children and students.

The fascination of the museum starts with the unique architecture and continues with high-quality art inside. The heart of the house will be the Martha Cooper library: a library donated by the worldwide-respected photojournalist Martha Cooper, who has recorded the development of Urban Art for posterity in her photo documentations. Martha Cooper will hand over a significant part of her collection to the URBAN NATION MUSEUM and will set foundations for the first library of this kind in the world.

URBAN NATION – from vision to reality.

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