Munich based illustrator and artist FLYING FÖRTRESS started to create classic graffiti in the urban area of his city way back in the early 90’s. After a couple of years he expanded his styles and skills by focusing on his graphic studies. Back with new ideas and influences he arose again at the beginning of the millennium and hit the streets back with his infamous Teddy Trooper icon. First they appeared on posters, stickers and graffiti pieces on the walls but later also turned into the third dimension as an urban vinyl toy. The Troops still get sent out to occupy public and private space to this day. FÖRTRESS and his troops have been traveling around the globe for painting and exhibitions and visited places like Paris, Barcelona, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Melbourne, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. He is living in Hamburg since 2007.

“I have been on mission for classic graffiti since 1989. Stopped it for a while in around ’95 because I felt a bit stuck in a one-way alley like the whole scene at that point of time. After my graphic design I went back in the streets by sending out my proper army of those iconic Teddy Troops. Using any kind of medium – stickers, posters, spray & paint…. After I had occupied my local territories I started to invade also other countries by traveling most of my time. And still on the run to this day…!”

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