In 2007 MOSES met TAPS and shortly after they formed the artist collective TOP SPRAYER™. Their first project was an ambitious one: Painting 1000 trains all over the world in 1000 days, using each other’s names. Thusly getting rid of both the constricting rules of graffiti and the authorities, who would have needed these rules to prosecute them. The results of this venture led not only to MOSES & TAPS™ first book INTERNATIONAL TOPSPRAYER™, the most commercially successful graffiti book to date, but also to a change in the established law practice in favour of graffiti writers. The world renowned MOSES & TAPS™ are celebrated for their balancing act between the consistent advancement of graffiti and their conceptual strength. While most other urban artists please the crowd with coherent and beautiful however harmless paintings, MOSES & TAPS™ are still not afraid to scandalize. The medium is the message and their messages are multifaceted. Because of this, MOSES & TAPS™ haven’t limited themselves only to canvases, galleries or spraypaint and to this day they incorporate both public space and public transport in a great number of their works. MOSES and TAPS are famous for their unique writing styles and its further development into almost abstract artworks. Nevertheless, working on different serials and mix them is another characteristic of TM™. While their well- known CORPORATE IDENTITY™ challenges commerce and advertisement, the serial SPLASH™ ridicules the aesthetic rules of graffiti: the artists puncture pressurized spraycans to create abstract and uncontrollable action paintings.

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