If you ask Nomad what his profession or mission in life is, he answers : “Freedom”.

Nomad is the blueprint of the contemporary Urban Artist. Educated and inspired by the Skateboarding, Hardcore Punk, Graffity, HipHop and Rave Countercultures of the 80’s, his visiual imprint on the early Berlin Streetartscene was immense. His Thousands of freestyle Roadside trash paintings and markerdrawings on Berlins streets, earned him countless admirers and collectors and made his art visible all over the world – from  Blogs and books to the homes of Hollywood Stars.

His style – created by his lifestyle as a a vagabond- is always evolving and incorporates “the necessary” – as he proclaims to use whatever style or material is available to maximize the focus on the pleasure of the creation. This can be a Renaissance inspired canvass in his studio,  a markerscribble on a doorway or trashcan, a grafittybombing on the wall of a huge dam or a sculpture made out of some tumbleweeds in the desert.

If Basquiat and Haring  had had a Bastard Child, Nomad would be on his Facebooks friendslist.

Nomad’s works magically reminds us that art does not need boundaries, nor does the artist. It’s a simple celebration of freedom, life and it’s vanity.

It’s a healthy breath of fresh air in a world that is tied up with circumstances and definitions.

His current work revolves around ritualistic patterns in tribal arts. Masks,magic, Voodoo siggils, dimension doors and otherworldly creatures.

In this show, he will present hunting trophies from his trips to other dimensions – or to put it in his words : ” What’s better to prove that the wild things really exist , then bringing home a hunting trophy with their head on it.”



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